Welcome to Kommuniti HQ

Welcome to Kommuniti HQ - A Profit For Purpose Social Business Building Community Connection and Transitioning to a Localised Wellbeing Economy.

Building community capacity can be very subjective and there is definitely no one-size-fits-all and who would ever want that, as Einstein once said..... "The definition of insanity is continuing to do the same thing and expecting a different result".

Wellbeing is the no 1 sought-after outcome for all residents of a Local Government Authority (Council) according to findings from a workshop delivered by the LGA in 2021.

Each month in various local Cafes and Coffee shops we bring the Community together to get to know their neighbours, and their neighbours, neighbours. It's here that the seeds of change are sown.

The Connected Community
Discovering the Health, Wealth and Power of Neighborhoods is a book written by Cormac Russell and John McKnight based on the principles of Asset Based Community Development (ABCD)

Wellbeing Economy Alliance
In a Wellbeing Economy, the rules, norms, and incentives are set up to deliver a quality of life and flourishing for all people, in harmony with our environment, by default.

Community Wealth Building
A collaborative approach that builds locally controlled economies that put communities first.

Too many people are facing rising poverty, inequality, and financial insecurity while the world's Global Powerbrokers get wealthier.

Although rivers of wealth flow through local places, traditional economic development, focused on investment diverts it, with profits and dividends often being extracted by International Multi-Conglomerates with influence over Government policy and revenues greater than some small nations.

Watch this video from our collaborative partners at CLES and if it resonates with you, then you are in the right place, heading in the same direction with many of us, Locally, Nationally, and Internationally.

Economic and Community development professionals and many Local Governments are working in partnership with foundations, anchor institutions, unions, community organisations, progressive business networks, workers, and community residents. 

What’s emerging is a systems approach to creating an inclusive, sustainable economy where all can thrive. 

The work is place-based, fed by the power of anchor institutions, and built on locally rooted and broadly held ownership. It’s mapping Community Assets, Building Community Wealth and Localising Wellbeing Economics.

Our Events Link - bit.ly/KommunitiHQEvents

We have begun a Community Wealth and Wellbeing Economy pilot within the City of Joondalup Local Government Authority (LGA) in Western Australia.

Utilising Social Media and Online Platforms, we have built a network of over 1500+ members. We are now offering some of these members an opportunity to join one of the many planned Socials, Activities, Groups Workshops, and Events that bring our Kommuniti closer together.


Kommuniti Members - The Connected Community

  • Nextdoor Kommuniti - FREE Instantly connect with your neighbours in your neighbourhood
  • Social Media Groups (Public and Private) FREE group inclusion
  • Kommuniti Cafe Socials - FREE At least monthly to support a local coffee shop 
  • Kommuniti Walking Group - FREE Heart Foundation endorsed walking groups  
  • Edible Gardens Kommuniti - FREE Grow-Share-Eat online platform
  • Kommuniti Social Outings (list price) Communities that play together, stay together
  • Workshops and Events (list price)  Learn more about community well-being

Kommuniti Subscribers - Wellbeing Economics Alliance

  • Annual Subscription  - Community Development Trust
  • Social Outings (discounted)
  • Workshops and Events (up to 50% off list price)
  • Kommuniti Lotto Syndicate (1 share)
  • Eligible for Delegates, Leaders, Facilitators, and Secretaries nomination.

Kommuniti Leaders - Community Wealth Building

  • By Invitation Only
  • Kommuniti Membership and Subscription included
  • Education and Mentorship
  • Workshop Crewing
  • Board Eligibility (Future)
  • Institute of Community Directors Membership
  • Employment Opportunities
  • Syndicated Investment Opportunities

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Kindest regards

Allan 'Big Al' Connolly
Founder and Managing Director
LI: linkedin.com/in/bigalconnolly

Kommuniti has many references and resources that it draws from and collaborates with many organisations with the same aim. We are aligned with the UN Sustainable Goals and in particular  #SDG11 Sustainable Cities and Communities.

Governance - we use circles of sociocracy to make decisions by consent as equals and not the consensus of a vociferous few. We elect officers to the governance work of our circles and sub-circles.